YTT Certification

Welcome to HOLY LOVE Institute of Tantra Yoga!

We are holding ongoing In-depth Private Trainings, Video-Calls, Remote classes, workshops and coming soon: Certified 200-hour Tantra Yoga Teacher Trainings on the Land of Holy Love in West Marin, Northern California and Venice Beach, Southern California.

Our Teacher Training starts this Fall, 2020 at the Fall Equinox. Student Applications are now being accepted for those who wish to dive deep into the Heart of Tantra Yoga - within small groups of (ten) people at a time. We have a large, beautiful, socially-distanced set-up.

Join us for a profound, transformational, Tantra Yoga Teacher experience: Facilitating the Shamanic Tantric Embodiment of your soul's purpose and essence. This Teacher Training is a comprehensive and inspirational program. This Course Study is a compilation of gems our Teachers have learned from decades of learning, practicing and teaching Yoga, Tantra, Bodywork, Shamanic Transformation and Conscious Communication. Whether you are an aspiring teacher or desire to deepen your practice, this certified program will give you a solid foundation to practice and teach Tantra Yoga.

While honoring Yoga’s historical background, we approach Tantra Yoga as a modern and holistic practice, providing you with a potent blend of Eastern tradition, Western science, Shamanic Unwinding/Soul Retrieval Practices & Temple Arts.

Foundations of Tantra Yoga:

What you'll cultivate & learn about (details inside boxes coming soon)

... And many other deep transmissions, teachings, heart-based expressions, and co-creations from sitting together in the Cauldron.

We invite all beings to join us who are READY to embody their Sacred Yes! We invite you to become the beacons of Holy Love: become the living dancing flames, the life-poets embodying your artistry, the activists divinely guided by sacred Source, the authors in tune with your Spirit guides, the mystics with messages channelled thru these bodies, the mamas and muses drinking in and offering up the medicine of Shamanic Tantra Yoga.

Become the Teachers you were born to become.

We are the women from old, the crones, and the women holding the power now, for the future. We are your Teachers and you are ours.

We are the Medicine and the Journey. We are Academics and Life Student Practitioners; the Teachers, Therapists, Coaches, Wild Dakini Divas, Witches, Amazonian Queens, Temple Dancers, Singers, Artists, Poets, Story-Tellers, Performers, Public speakers, Corporate leaders, Righteous Rebels, Priestess Ritualists, Mystery Myriad Mythologists, Healers, Kundalini Awakeners, Mediums, Somatic therapists, Bodyworkers, Soul Retrievers, Shamanic Ordained Ministers.

Your Instructors

We have many additional special Guest Teachers we are affiliated with and will join us for different segments.

Additional Information

These workshops and courses are offerings from the heart of Holy Love. May we flow and weave with ease and with grace. We welcome you to our Sanctuary with open arms: to all who feel genuinely called to take up the spiritual tantric path, to learn from the beautiful Teacher Yogini Dakinis, and to connect with fellow seekers along this journey. We welcome people of all colors, backgrounds, sexual identification, and spiritual orientation. Welcome home to Holy Love.