Full Moon Circle

13 Moon-Monthly Full Moon Women's Circle

(Zoom available to all women who feel the call inside or outside of our program)

 Every moon for 13 Moons, we enter into a different temple of the Divine feminine. We co-create a potent ritual space  using guided meditations, color frequencies, embodiment practices, sacred tools, yoga, alchemy, songs, rituals and ceremony... and amplifying in stillness and silence. We cultivate practices and gather tools that you can carry into your everyday life and relationships.

You are guided to contemplate each face of the Goddess within yourself through sacred geometry, mudra, mantra, yantra, flowers, herbs, crystals, tools and much more!

Each temple is unique and offers an experience of direct connection and EMBODIMENT with each archetype in her Light and Shadow qualities as they live in you. These initiations are at the heart of the Mystery School, opening a profound portal to Awaken and Embody Her Within you.

My role is to hold the temple gates open, to witness and hold you accountable in unconditional Love…

To guide the resonance of the temple... to lovingly challenge, track and support you in seeing yourself like never before.

And to Welcome you Home as you fully step into the magnificence and REMEMBRANCE OF WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR ESSENCE.

There is no “teaching,” but rather a deep and profound remembrance, catalyzed by being within a skillfully held alchemical crucible. The foundation of this work is to step out of the Ego-mind and storyline and drop into our deepest expression of essence through Archetypal energy. We will cultivate a new way to share and speak our hearts in “empty presence”.  You will be Guided to listen from your deep belly wisdom and heart knowing.

You will receive materials and meditations to prepare for temple each moon and invited to dress ceremoniously in the color frequencies of each archetype.


You will receive materials and meditations to prepare for temple each moon and invited to dress ceremoniously in the color frequencies of each archetype." - Natalia Price Vales

Natalia is a Guest Teacher in our program, and has other offerings which she makes available to all women who feel called.

Enter into the Temple of the Shakti Wild Woman
*via Zoom Tues Sept 1, @6pm

for this month's full Moon women's circle in the 13 Moon mystery school lineage as we re-awaken and embody
“She Who is Natural, Instinctual, Untamed and Free” within us.


This is the archetype of the Primal Goddess. We evoke Her as the passionate gypsy and intoxicating priestess who is the source of our creativity, our aliveness, and who realigns us with the power of our sensuality and intuitive body wisdom.Come have an embodied experience of Her through guided meditation, alchemical tools, sacred movement and ritual, we will deepen in priestess embodiment practices to Remember our bodies as sacred oracular temples, re-ignite our passions and Shakti kundalini power to heal and catalyze change in our lives.

Using the potency of the New Moon in the fiery sign of Leo, we will dive into the unconscious and illuminate the Shadows of Shame and Guilt around our bodies and sexuality to burn away all that no longer serves within us and the collective, to stand in our full Power and Presence. And set positive Boundaries that preserve our CREATIVE Time, Space, Vitality and Energy.


This virtual gathering is donation-based
Suggestion Donation: $2-$22


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