Shamanic Tantrik Wisdom

"The Visionary Mystical experiences are humanity's most direct contact with God and our Creative Source. Journey to an ecstatic retreat within yourself, to the light of the lotus, through a vibrational experience led by spirit. I provide a safe and nurturing space to move through states of shamanic liberation. Uncoil. Open up to Divine Love. Forgive. Let go. Be born again, becoming absolute pure energy. Find the calmness and clarity, purpose and passion, that reside within your heart and body." - Sharene Shamana Ma

Our physical body is a gateway to the astral. Explore with us while we travel further into the roots of the Tree of Yoga: Stoneage Shamanism. It was here where the tree first sprang, with visionary plant medicines. The ancestors of our ancestors, opened themselves up, body-mind-spirit, through the Vine of the Soul and plant medicine known as Soma. Through ancient ways, they consumed the earth medicines and their eyes were opened. This was the true fruit on the Tree of Life. And it was this fruit which seeded the Tree of Yoga. Shamanism predates Tantra.

In our Shamanic Tantrik Wisdom time together, we will engage in study, conversation, council and ceremony. Let's get raw.

We will learn sacred Tantrik and Shamanic rituals holding the intention to raise our energetic vibrational frequency, to connect with our guides, angels and with our ancestors, while reclaiming our fragmented soul parts across space and time to be embodied now.

We will discover primal conscious breathing, our connection with Mother Earth, Father Universe, cosmic energy, sexual energy, electromagnetic energy, pranic energy and cathartic release.

We will learn how to open the Holy Portal Space and how to work with it in our body.

We will use breath and ancient rituals to make contact with elementals (energy beings that embody the elements of fire, air, earth and water).

We will activate our shamanic tantrik healing powers as we remember who we are and our connection to all the magnificence we are connected to.

We will use our open channels as creative instruments to envision the lives we are ready to step into and the world we are calling forth.

We will release all that no longer serves us and commit ourselves to our Soul Purpose.

Rei Jagube e Mamae Rainha - From the Forest across to the Sea.

I am the Flower of the Waters

and all wishes fulfilled through me.

ARTWORK by Mariela de la Paz