Luna Lauren

Graduate Teacher & Teaching Assistant

Luna Lauren

Luna Lauren

“Nothing is deeper than the breath…” -Psalm Isadora

Aloha and Namaste Beloved,.

I invite you into the realm where breath meets the body; where honey nectar is formed deep inside the soma; where inherent healing is possible when you’re given the nourishing elements of life. 

I am a certified Tantric Love and Relationship Coach and Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Heartbreak Healer, and Writer currently living life as a gypsy between Los Angeles and Hawaii. 

I began my yogic path at 16 years old, while dealing with chronic pain, and had my first spiritual awakening while reading “Conversations With God” and ingesting plant medicine in the Rocky Mountains where I was born. Realizing the inherent unity within the living matrix of reality, I began to dance my way through life, weaving together life experience with the teachings of the yogic and tantric path. 

With 15 years of hands-on experience as a Priestess and healer, I create a unique resonant field for the kundalini shakti to flow. Through mantra (sonic code) and holding specific points on the body, the recipient's system can open, undulate with the pulse of life, restoring one to greater union and harmony within. 

My intensive fascination with Tantra led me to India where I was initiated in the Sri-Vidya lineage under Psalm Isadora, and built a relationship to Kali, Durga and Lakshmi, as well as beloved Ganesha. Other profound teachers such as Christopher Wallis,  and Paul Muller-Ortega, and Layla Martin have all forged my path as an awakened woman, both in my passionate presence and embodied sensuality. 

The most profound healing journey I have embarked upon was the journey into my own subconscious body-mind. In my 1 year coaching certification, I went deep into the psychological and tantric realms, and went through the process of rewiring the brain and body to truly thrive. Learning tools to build greater resiliency and access my own inner resources of love, safety and belonging, I  transformed my codependent relationship style to one of truly healthy and secure style of relating. 

 I consider my deepest work to be the coaching containers I hold for singles and couples to heal deep-seated patterns so they can truly thrive in love, as well as the potent healing that is found in my Shakti Rose Kundalini Activations. 

We can all attain inner gnosis; by combining intentional breath, sound, energy and movement, the gateways to the divine are open to us. The great Mother/Father/Creator is just one breath away; or rather can be found in the space between the breath. Our nervous system is directly linked to our ability to access higher states of consciousness, & human connection, as well as release built up pain and trauma which no longer serves us.

But most importantly, when we know in our bones that we are deeply loved and held by the Universe; by Shiva and Shakti; by Divinity and Life itself; we change the way we behave in the world. We operate from a more peaceful place of loving compassion and acceptance; and we are changing the fabric of karmic existence throughout all time and space. 

This to me is the beauty way, the Way of Holy Love; to truly devote ourselves and our life path for the benefit of all Beings. 

And in this, we can all be a Royal Bodhisattva of Love; and take one’s place on the Lotus-throne and to know oneself as the Divine, radiating the energy of love to all. 

May you know how absolutely cherished you are! 

Luna Lauren

  • Sky Dancing Bodywork certification by Julian Marc Walker 
  • Graduate Shivakti Tantra Yoga 200-hour
  • Graduate Tantra Yoga 200-hour with Psalm Isadora
  • Sri-Vidya Initiation by Sri Amritananda 
  • Initiation into the non-dual Shaiva path with Paul Muller-Ortega
  • 6 month meditation program with Christopher Wallis
  • Mythic Yoga Flow Teacher Training with Sianna Sherman
  • 600 hr Tantric Love and Relationship Coaching Certification with Layla Martin
  • International School of Temple Arts Level 1 training
  • Worked alongside Shamana Ma for 10+ year
  • Tantra Workshops with Triambika
  • Multiple Shamanic Tantric trainings with Shamana M
  • Multiple additional Yoga Training
  • Trauma informed and well studied in the Poly-Vagal theory
  • 200 hr Massage Certification in 2006

MENS INTIMACY COACHING BY VIDEO CALL  send email inquiry: [email protected]

As a certified somatic psychological coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Wholeness, I bring a compassionate and embodied approach to healing any deep-seated patterns that are preventing you from true love and intimacy. If you’re single and looking for a healthy partner and lack confidence in dating, or in a marriage that lacks loving touch,  I can help you move through blocks that are preventing you from accessing your Masculine Core. Once we have addressed and released blocks from the nervous system in the Release and Reset phase, then we move to the Empower Phase! This is where you gain full access to your Masculine Core, True Essence, and Authentic Energy. Men who work with me over 5-10 sessions skyrocket their confidence, attract healthier partners and heal life-long wounds so they can truly thrive in their romantic partnerships. Are you ready to have the love life you deserve and desire? *

*Requires a free 20 min phone consultation

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