Cultural Appreciation

You might ask yourself, “What is the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation?”

"The Petals of the Lotus, they are many, but the Flower is just one. Philosophies, Religions, they are many, but the truth is just one."

At Holy Love Institute of Tantra Yoga, we honor the petals, the lineages and branches of the Tree of Yoga in which we owe the full richness to today. Our Institute is committed to serving the highest truth and highest good, attuning to be in right alignment with the Flow of the Sacred River.  While this River flows directly from Source, we take great care to honor all the channels to which it has traversed to make its way to us in the here and now.

We believe that we can learn to be living embodiments of the BALANCE between HONOR, respect, historical understanding, cultural appreciation, cultural acknowledgement, and giving back, while also walking the path as modern day shamanic yogis/yoginis, as intentional channels receiving the plant soma of divine guidance through our bodies as divine instruments.

What was, is. As it once was, so it is now. The roots of the Tree of Yoga are Stone-age Shamanism. We too have the same ability to receive the direct transmissions from Source through Shamanic plant medicine as they once did (the original siddhas). This is not to say each person is meant for the direct path of Source Transmission, just that it is also possible and makes itself available to those called to that path.

The above image is titled, "Dakini of Peace",  painted by Mariela De La Paz. The painting portrays the "Goddess Invocation for the Unity and Reconciliation of All major Religions in the World. Arising from the Lotus flower, centered between the tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life, Peace on Earth arises from the Lotus born in stagnant waters. Showered by the light of Creation and God’s Divine Blessings of our Evolutionary Journey encoded in our DNA".

In the Spirit of "Giving Back" to the traditional Indian Yoga culture, we are currently exploring ways we can platform and support others through making a meaningful, direct and positive impact on their lives and livelihood through this website. We are open to ideas!

My husband devoted ten years of his life to co-creating a school, Mother Miracle in Rishikesh, India for primary school children, educating the impoverished children there to be leaders in the digital era. It is a non-profit in the U.S. & India providing education free to K-12. We invite you to Sponsor a Child.

We explore and unpack the topic of Cultural Appropriation and Cultural Appreciation in our Teacher Training. Our aim is to not just enjoy the fruits of the Tree of Yoga, but to also give back, in Holy Love.