Sound Healing

Journey to an ecstatic retreat within yourself, to the light of the Lotus, thru a vibrational sound healing journey into the natural rhythms of creation.

The Healing Power of Sound has been an integral part of Human civilization for thousands of years. We live in a Vibratory Universe where there is no such thing as Matter. Everything we sense and feel and see and touch is pure Energy, tiny, denser bits of energy which we call particles, vibrating according to the Laws of Creation.

The basic principle of sound healing is the concept of resonance (the vibratory frequency of an object.) The entire Universe is in a state of vibration. This includes human beings. Every organ, cell, bone, tissue and liquid of the body, and the electromagnetic fields which surround the body, has a healthy vibratory frequency. If we are not resonating with some part of ourselves or our surroundings, we become dissonant and therefore unhealthy, our naturally healthy frequency becomes a frequency that vibrates without harmony, creating illness.
Sound is measured in terms of Frequency or Hertz (Hz).

Sound Healing is the application of Healing frequencies to the physical and subtle energy fields around the body. These healing or therapeutic frequencies and sounds are delivered via, live sound therapy sessions, the Voice, vocal Overtone Singing and a variety of sound healing tools such as Tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, quartz crystal bowls, monochords as well as those from more Shamanic Sound Healing traditions, such as digeridoo, Native drum, Native flute, rattles and so on.

 We will also discuss the correlation of the beneficial effects that Mantras have as sound therapy instruments, the vibrations and their transformational effects. We will focus on Sanskrit and Tibetan mantras. As with all the therapeutic sound instruments, direct and personal experience of working with the sound vibrations of mantras brings the deepest level of understanding.