Why We Practice

Why we practice... The Mystic is one who sees beyond the veils, who reaches from the world of form and into the great mystery of the formless!

Why we practice... The Mystic is one who seeks to be enraptured by the divine, who transmutes the mundane into the miraculous!

Why we practice... Those of us on a spiritual journey, no matter the path we choose; Yoga, Tantra, Sufism, Sacred Dance, Herbalism, Astrology, Taoism and so many more, are on the path of the Mystic, or as women, the path of the Mystica.

Mystics throughout time have been an incredible contribution to society. The Mystics would open doors into the divine, lay maps to the mystery, and translate the unknowable into the known. They were keepers of the keys of beauty, truth, unconditional love and pure presence.

Today more and more of us are setting out on the spiritual path as they feel a deep calling in their hearts. In a society that is increasingly infatuated with materialism, we are thirsting for a deeper knowing of the self from the inside out!

Women are the vessels of the manifest with the ability to create life. As we reach from the material into the spiritual, the aim of the feminine Mystic is to then also draw the wisdom from the spiritual back into the earthly abode of our manifestation through our sacred embodiment!

This is the medicine for the times we are in! The reclamation of our spiritual expression through form!

When we realize ourselves in this way and free ourselves in this way, we become Mysticas: feminine translators of the mystery and embodiments of divinities beauty. We become gateways for others to realize their direct connection to spirit as we live through example.

There are so many methods in which we become Mystica: we dance, we sing, we create beauty, we write, we weave, we do yoga, we meditate, we  contemplate & reflect, we celebrate together!

The aim of the path is liberation into our ecstatic nature as holy love, every step of the way an offering of beauty onto the altar of life. - Halo Seronko