Why We Practice

Why we practice... Inspired by an old mystic saying, "No sooner seen, then gone." We practice to recognize and remember, to dissolve the illusion that we are separate from God/dess, to bathe in our essence nature. We practice to cultivate compassion, as we recognize everything we see without is within.

Sri Rama, "The mountain of duality can not be shattered by others even with the thunderbolt of deep meditation. But, by those who are endowed with the strength deriving from devotion to you, goddess awareness, as soon as it is recognized as an aspect of themselves, it is dissolved."

We practice to become intimately aware of, to recognize something as an aspect of oneself. When anything is fully allowed in, the beauty reveals itself.

We practice for the sheer wonder of Being, for the sweet savoring, aesthetic rapture and pure wonder. We practice to attain an ineffable poetry flavored consciousness.

We practice to experience our absolute freedom, infinite bliss and glory of being. We practice that we may play our roles in the divine play as a celebration of embodiment. We practice so that our lives reflect the overflowing beauty of our heart's desire to create holy love, as we radiate divine light in all that we do and express.

All deities are found within. All the sacred sites are within. The divine is the very substance of all that we experience. There is no darkness within, only light that has not yet been seen.

Only truth exists. Om Purnamidam... That is perfect, whole, complete,. This is perfect, whole, complete. From perfect wholeness, perfect wholeness proceeds. If the whole is taken from the whole, what remains is still perfectly whole. Nothing can be added to or subtracted from you to make you more whole than you already are. We practice to recognize this truth. Again and again.

Life is to court forgetfulness. Practice is to awaken to remembrance. People can do the most amazing things if they have the most amazing things to do, in full freedom embodied with their creative powers.