Embody Temple Dance

Unveiling the Many Faces of  SHAKTI:

Emotional. Ecstatic. Embodied. 

Personal. Powerful. Presence.

Sensual. Somatic. Surrender.

Feminine. Flowing. Free.

Embody Temple Dance is spiritual catharsis, a deep unraveling and a profound sacred act of devotion in motion. Empty completely. Fill as you will.

It is an invitation into embracing and embodying what is alive right here inside the temple of our bodies and the deep wisdom and emotions that are ready to be heard, felt, and moved with and through.

Our hope is that you find nourishment and inspiration here, and that we can serve to ignite your true power and purpose, assisting in awakening you to your authentic embodied potential.

May we find beauty in every moment of the agony and ecstasy of this life. May we be well and awake enough to recognize, seek, and FEEL this beauty. May all acts be acts of worship, all words be spells of light, all intentions be prayers of compassion and love.

Embody Temple  Dance is a somatic and spiritual movement language and practice that has emerged through the alchemical combination of Tantric energy healing, shamanism and yoga modalities with trauma-informed somatic education to support people in unraveling patterns of fear and shame and awaken to your birthright of worth, boundless love, and the ever-expansive aliveness inherent in every human being.

Reveal your many selves to your Self. "Calling in all soul parts across space and time to be embodied here now. May all reflected rays of the Divine Sun shine and illuminate back to the Holy ONE."

In this guided movement journey we will unwind, unravel, shake & embrace, rest & surrender. We open to be guided BY HER GRACE, in Holy Love.