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Integrated Tantra

Weekend Workshops range $333-$999

One Day Workshops $108-$222

200-hour YTT Immersion $3995

300-hour YTT Immersion $5555

ONLINE-only option of our 200-hour Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Training program now available for $1999, this is half off of our in-person rate. Schedule a call for to learn more via application.

SPRING - SUMMER 2024  workshops in Los Angeles & San Francisco: Foundations in Sacred Temple Bodywork, Sound Healing & Tantrik Meditation, Tantrika Sensorium & Womb Healing

WINTER 2024 - SUMMER 2024 Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher 300-hour Certification

WINTER 2024 - SUMMER 2024 Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher 200-hour Certification

Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification Immersion

Residential Retreat in Marin County + Online / Virtual Classroom + Private Mentorship
Multiple Dates Available (see application)

Cost: $3995 (payment plan of 5 payments $799) includes on-site yoga intensive with accommodation & organic meals, all online classes, virtual classes, personal mentorship calls with teachers, and on-going support through graduation.

Open the gateways to wonder and delight. Live in embodied bliss. We invite you to join us for a profound, educational and transformational experience: Facilitating the embodiment of your soul's purpose and divine essence. This is a comprehensive and inspirational program, a course study compilation of gems that our Teachers have polished from decades of learning, practicing and teaching Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Bodywork, Bhakti, Shamanic Transformation, Healing, Devotional Embodiment, Artful Movement, Temple Dance, Goddess Studies, Mudras, Kirtan, Conscious Communication, Philosophy, Anatomy and Business of Yoga. 

Holy Love Institute of Tantra Yoga is a School of Sacred Wisdom, Yoga and Bliss.  Whether you are an aspiring teacher or desire to deepen your practice, this certified program will give you a solid foundation to practice and teach Shivakti Tantra Yoga. "Shivakti" is the inner alchemy sacred union of Shiva & Shakti, the dance of the divine, which we aim to explore and embody through our full range of practices. While honoring Yoga’s historical background, we approach Tantra Yoga as a modern and holistic practice, providing you with a potent blend of Eastern tradition, Western science, Asana Practices & Temple Arts.

Shivakti Tantra Yoga is a Vinyasa practice which weaves together Kundalini, Bhakti Nova, Anusara, Hatha and Tantra Yoga.

We are HER, we are the many faces of Shakti. Shakti is the primordial cosmic energy and we are each her, as dynamic forces moving through the entire universe. We are each here to usher in your empowerment. Jai Ma!

Sharene Shamana Ma is the Creator of Shivakti Tantra Yoga and the Founder of the Holy Love Institute of Tantra Yoga. She is a Bhakti Tantra Yoga Teacher with a lifetime of experience, having been initiated into the mystical arts as a child. She has a B.A. in Communication & Philosophy at Colorado University in Boulder, Yoga Teacher Certifications in Hatha Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Kundalini Yoga & Bhakti Nova. Massage Therapist & Advanced Bodywork Certifications, Ordained Minister, Facilitator of Shamanic Plant Medicine Circles, Sound Healer, Ceremony Priestess and Teacher in the Temple Arts. She is creator of the Temple of Bliss, a Healing Tantra Yoga Collective,  and has initiated and taught countless Dakinis, clients, tantra yoga students, classes and workshops over the past thirty years. Her primary teachers to whom she gives her respect: Janice Gates, Ulrika Engman, John Friend, Yogi Bhajan, Gurumukh, Maritza, Nubia Teixeira and Mama Ayahuasca.

Sharene Shamana Ma is joined in this training by other exceptional teachers. The two other most primary are Ariana Ronnie and Halo Seronko. Others include Nubia Teixeira, Lakshmi Devi, Natalia Price and Papa Love.

"Have you felt that your vessel is meant to be a chalice that the divine overflows through? Are you on a quest for the truth and beauty of Divine Union? Do you feel called to guide others into the gnosis of their divinity? Then come dear one, and step fully onto the path of the Tantric Yogini. Be initiated into one of the most profound Mystery Schools of inner alchemy, as we bridge the ancient wisdom lineages into our modern times. If you have been looking for true, lineage and tradition-based Tantra, look no further, you have arrived." Halo Seronko, Tantra Yoga Teacher

"We have been initiated and have planted our seeds. Join us in the deep dive into ourselves, exploring our Goddess abyss of Feminine Divine." Ariana Ronnie, Tantra Yoga Teacher

"I define Yoga as Grace and I see Yoga as an instrument to awaken spiritual evolution in one’s path, divine love in one’s heart and the unison of our heart’s intentions and actions." Nubia Teixeira

"The temple doors are open. The candles are lit. The incense offerings are burning. Awaiting your arrival, Step in and take your place in the hallowed circle. You are being called into Remembrance of the true essence of who you are at your core, as empowered, alive, embodied, and free! The planet needs empowered feminine leadership that is aligned in the heart and ready to offer her gifts to transform and uplift the planet. The priestess is awakening, igniting within us all." - Natalia Price