Natalia Price Vales

Special Guest Teacher: Temple Dancer, Ordained Priestess & Temple Keeper

Natalia Price Vales

The temple doors are open. The candles are lit. The incense offerings are burning. Awaiting your arrival, Your stepping in and taking your place in the hallowed circle. You are being called into Rememberence of the true essence of who you are at your core. As empowered, alive, embodied and free! The planet is in need of empowered feminine leadership that is aligned in the heart and ready to offer her gifts to transform and uplift the planet. The priestess is awakening, igniting within us all. Are you ready to step across a threshold that will transform you? Are you willing to surrender and Enter In? This journey into your feminine self is intended to awaken ancient mysteries within your own mythic story connected to the greater web of Creation. To remember what you came here for It is time to embody your your radiance, your passion, your power.

Natalia Price in an ordained priestess and focalizer of the the 13 Moon Mystery School and a Temple keeper of the Queen of Death for the Sanctuary of the Open Heart. She has been involved with the 13 moon work and its founder, Ariel Spilsbury for 17 years. Drawing inspiration from her experiences as a ritual theatre performance artist, yoga instructor, ceremonialist, and sacred dancer, she facilitates ceremonies, retreats and online programs to support and inspire beings in aligning with feminine wisdom within themselves and embodying their full expression of the Divine.

She lives in Nevada City with her son and husband, where they owns a Sacred Skulls Tattoo and Art Gallery. She is also runs new moon circles for both men and women in her community, as well as workshops and rituals. She's passionate about womb work, sacred anointing, and initiatory rites of passage. She is a certified death doula and works with the Full Circle Living and Dying Collective in Nevada City.

Natalia is continuously weaving her priestess path as a living prayer of devotion to the rebalancing of the Divine Feminine and Masculine within and transforming and uplifting the planet through the awakening of the heart. She is dedicated to empowering women to rediscover and Remember what makes them feel alive, passionate and whole and how to offer that in service to the Earth and all beings.


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