Mira Annette

Mira Annette

Mira Annette

Warm greetings, 

My name is Mira. I am here to welcome you and be your Tantrik guide & Teacher in Bodywork. Allow me to open the doors for you to experience something greater for you and your body.

I am a healer, bodyworker and yogini who is rooted to the earth yet dances in wonder with the great mystery. I have spent much of my life mastering the art of touch and cultivating a relationship with inner landscapes through somatic practices. As a priestess, I am here to remind you that you are loved, you are Divine and your body is sacred.

All parts come into harmony when shadows are embraced with light. The Divine feminine creatively moves through me to bring you transmissions of magick, healing and unconditional love. Each time we meet is a unique experience. New layers are revealed as we go deeper and create openings for beauty to bloom in the garden of your spirit.

Through Tantrik ritual bodywork we are able to dissolve tension, dilate the sense gates and activate the body’s remembrance of how to heal itself. 

We will begin by coming to center, summoning all of ourselves into form. We then connect to heaven and earth, calling upon the light of divinity that rests in the heart. Kundalini begins to awaken as we spiral open, moving with what’s alive in the moment. The subtle body is awakened and the cells of your physical form become open and receptive to my touch. With each breath and flowing movement thoughts gently dissolve, allowing you to dive deeper into safety, sensation, rapture and transcendence.

Tantra helps us remember who and what we are. It supports us in living a life of meaning and purpose. It allows us to transcend our everyday reality, creating a deeper sense of gratitude for what we have and expand our capacity to love what is.

What would it be like to show up to life in your fullness? Let this be an invitation to explore the immense beauty that awaits you.

~ Mira Annette

  • Reiki Master - Usui | Holy Fire | Mahikari
  • Certified Massage Therapist | 750+ hours of training in Lomi Lomi, Craniosacral, Myofascial release, Thai yoga massage, deep tissue, Swedish, acupressure and more 
  • Shivakti Tantra Yoga teacher 200 RYT
  • Sacred Temple Bodywork course Co-creator & teacher
  • Tantrik Ritual Bodywork course Co-creator & teacher
  • Access Consciousness Bars & Body Process practitioner - the art of ask and you shall receive
  • Certified Coach - Somatic awareness, transformation, embodiment and belief work using the L.O.V.E process 
  • Workshop leader and women’s circle facilitator
  • Multiple soul initiations and awakenings with entheogenic plant medicines

In depth sessions that are two hours or longer are my absolute favorite as they allow me to ease in slowly, drop in deeply and share my breadth of knowledge with you. 

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