Sacred Temple Bodywork

While Kundalini Body of Bliss Therapy IS Tantric, the recipient is in a horizontal & passive receptive space, rather than sitting up or interactive. A combination of bodywork styles are blended with full body-to-body flowing strokes, moving the energy continuously around the recipient's body; deep, strong, light and soft... Kundalini Body of Bliss Therapy is Sacred Temple Bodywork, our unique loving, shamanic & holistic version of Hawaiian Temple Bodywork. It is an invitation to be embraced fully in to "the wings of the Dove"... our wings, with Love.

The receiver is encouraged to go on an inward journey to experience the healing fully and deeply, to enter into a loving shamanic trance. This is an opportunity to connect one's body-heart-mind with the Fountains of Radiant Bliss, Source Creation.

It is the human condition of separateness that has us longing to touch and be touched, without judgment, in unconditional love and acceptance. We invite the shamanic tantric awakening to the love within the sacred temple of one's own heart and being, to the Art and Body of Bliss!