Tantra Illuminated

Foundations of Tantrik Yoga: An Introduction to Classical Tantra by Christopher Hareesh Wallis, author of Tantra Illuminated

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Module 1 - Preparing to Practice 路 What is Tantrik Yoga? 路 Beginner鈥檚 Mind 路 Pure Motive 路 How to Sequence Your Practice 路 Sequencing: Meditation & Awareness Practice

Module 2 - How to Sit & Breathe 路 Teaching: How to Sit & How to Breathe 路 Practice: How to Sit & Breathe 路 Teaching: Sitting Still

Module 3 - Sitting Practice Practice: Body Awareness 路 Practice: Breath Pause

Module 4 - The Central Channel 路 Teaching: Central Channel 路 Practice: Finding the Central Channel

Module 5 - The Heart Center 路 Teaching: The Still Point at the Base of the Heart 路 Practice: The Blue Bindu

Module 6 - Introduction to Awareness Cultivation 路 Teaching: Becoming Aware of Awareness 路 Practice: Becoming Aware of Awareness

Module 7 - Grounding 路 Teaching: The Red Bindu 路 Practice: Grounding with the Red Bindu

Module 8 - The Side Channels 路 Teaching: Side Channel Theory 路 Practice: Hamsa Meditation

Module 9 - Movement & Energy 路 Teaching: Moving Stagnant Energy 路 Practice: Moving Stagnant Energy

Module 10 - Essence Nature 路 Teaching: Essence Nature 路 Practice: Dropping into Core (Meditation)

Module 11 - Being With What Is 路 Teaching: Being With What Is 路 Practice: Being With What Is

Module 12 - View, Practice, & Fruits 路 Teaching: View, Practice & Fruit 路 Practice: Vipashyna

Module 13 - Attitude 路 Teaching: Attitude Towards Practice

Module 14 - Kula 路 Teaching: The Role of Community 路 Blessing Mandala

Module 15 - The Grace of Lineage 路 Teaching: The Grace of Lineage 路 Practice: Guru Yoga

Module 16 - Deepening Awareness Cultivation 路 Teaching: Sequencing Awareness Practices 路 Practice: Witnessing the Mind (10 Count) 路 Teaching: Integrating Practice in Daily Life 路 Practice: Second Attention 路 Practice: Being With Intense Emotions

Notable Teacher, Scholar, Author and Practitioner,聽 Christopher Hareesh Wallace pictured here. Hareesh wrote the book Tantra Illuminated, about the little-understood spiritual tradition of Tantric Shaivism.聽 He recently finished his second book, The Recognition Sutras, in which he presented his translation and explanation of the 1,000-year-old spiritual masterpiece Pratyabhij帽膩-h峁沝aya, 鈥淭he Essence of the Recognition Philosophy.鈥

There's a new generation of professional scholars of the Yoga tradition who are also practitioners, and he is of that small but growing community. We deeply honor and revere his masterful grasp of the Tantras and his ability to breakdown the complexity for us to receive in grace.