Emotional Compost

I personally go on detoxification cleanses regularly. One of the most important components of these is to cleanse the emotional body. We are what we eat, what we think, what we feel and what we express. Jesus said, "It's not what goes into one's mouth that makes them impure, it's what comes out of it."

Our words create reality. Add strong passions and emotions to these words, and they magnify that which is being created. In this course, we will learn to how to clear out our internal garden from all the weeds and debris, that we may get to grow and smell the roses!

Together, let's “get the shit out” of body, mind and soul.
Many Souls are going thru great changes at this time, making them highly sensitive and more alert to all that goes on. These changes may make you emotional, causing you to feel things deeply and strongly, but do not let this worry you. You will soon be over the ‘highs and lows’ and will find yourselves on a more even keel, so that you will be able to help others who are going thru similar experiences. You will have a deeper understanding and perceptiveness and will see where help is needed, even almost before the soul has realized it.
Outwardly you can see the tremendous progress that is being made, but realize that this outer progress would mean nothing without what is happening on the inner. What is now being manifested on the outer has already manifested in true perfection on the inner planes. As above, so below. What’s happening now is bringing down heaven upon earth day by day, step by step.
The Great work of self/transformation is upon us. As we change, our world changes. As we get the shit out of our old programming, we change the outer World program. Together we CAN and ARE changing the channel. But we MUST relieve the societal constipation and let it all go. In doing so, that means making amends, apologies, recognition and policy changes... in all areas. It means listening: true listening. Not the kind where you listen only long enough to espouse your theories and beliefs, but listening with your heart and soul. Listening with a heart of empathy.
Are you ready to grow your garden?
10 Ways to Detox Your Emotions

Be aware of your emotions.

Make a plan of action.

Record negative feelings & memories while getting to the roots.

Start pulling up these weeds from the roots, to then compost them and transform them into forgiveness and clarity.

Take a break and get outside yourself, mentally. Take a walk, bike ride... Move your energy.

Go on a complaint cleanse. That which you feed grows. Stop feeding the angry wolf.

Identify and limit vices. Substances and foods have a strong effect on the state of our emotional health.

Practice morning intention setting and personal mantras.

Ask for help.

Course facilitated with Sharene Shamana Ma