Focus & Manifestation

Focusing on something is actually manifesting it.

The way you think is the way you feel. Thought and emotion are like sugarcane and its juice. Thought and feeling are not different, one is dry and the other is juicy, enjoy both.

"The experience of reality flows out from the center that is your essence nature, from Source Consciousness within you. All creation is the manifestation of the infinite potential within you which flows forth and appears in the form of sensual experience through the power of the sense goddesses or the capacities of consciousness." -Recognition Sutras as translated by Christopher Wallis

Everything exquisitely whispers Gods name just by being what it is. Integration vs Fragmentation. Everything is in everything. Every thing has the nature of all things. Becoming fully one with oneself, I become one with everything, because the pattern of the whole is contained within me.

Oh Reverent wonder in seeing with the eyes of truth, that there is no difference between Shiva and the embodied soul. The seed of the banyan tree has the pattern of the entire tree. The pattern of the whole is contained in each of its parts. Each conscious human being contains the pattern of the whole. There is no state experienced by anyone ever that you can not experience. It is literally within you.

Should you choose to plumb the depths of your being, you will directly know this to be true. Which part of the infinite pattern will manifest next?

The soul is unbounded awareness, pure radiance. Oh Reverent Wonder!