Loving Communication

Loving Communication, Connection & Heart Intimacy.

Patrick Papa Love and Sharene Shamana Ma have been friends for almost 25 years. When Patrick returned from India in 2011 - having been away for ten years - he went to visit Sharene and her son first. They began spending time together romantically, quickly recognizing one another as beloved soul partners. It was one night in the middle of a juice fast, when very clearly a veil lifted between them allowing them to truly see one another, in perfect divine timing, as the light of their destiny together shined brightly.

They both made a conscious decision to devote themselves to one another and to the path of Holy Love as a spiritual discipline, to choose love again and again, whenever conflict of any sort would arise. But what is conflict after-all but an opportunity to grow?

We have been growing together on this path. Yes, there are speed bumps on every road, rocks on every path. In Holy Love, we commit to always seeing the path and not the rock. We commit to loving one another and caring for one another as the divine embodiment of God/Goddess.

It was a quick jump from there to getting married in August of 2012. Married now for eight years(friends for 25 years), together we feel that we have distilled the Art of Loving Communication.  We look forward to sharing some of our gems with you.

"What you honor honors you. What you serve serves you. What you love loves you. We choose to embody Holy Love."

- Ma & Papa