Michelle Scarbrough

500 E-RYT Asana Workshop Teacher in Teacher Trainings & Holistic Health Raw Foods Chef

Michelle Scarbrough

Michelle Scarbrough

Michelle Scarbrough, 500 E-RYT, has been a passionate yoga instructor for 10 years, dedicated to helping others live in the present moment in their body, mind and spirit. She  is joining our Team in 2022. Michelle will be teaching in the Asana workshops of our Teacher Trainings, breaking down many of the Asanas in the Surya Namaskars, to facilitate greater alignment in the postures.

Michelle has a 12-week online program which has one learn and master how to teach a beginning Ashtanga class. We weave her videos into the Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Online Training, while her training also stands alone for those only wanting to learn Ashtanga. Michelle’s background is in Ashtanga Vinyasa is where she has led many past 200-hr Teacher Trainings.

Michelle is the Founder of KurmaLife, a meal prep distributor specializing in food that is ‘alive’, Michelle Introduces her clients to a way of eating and experiencing food that causes a shift in the body; to more energy, a clearer mind, less food cravings, heightened senses, deeper rest and a profoundly new connection with a healthier self. She shares her simple, original recipes, facilitating a long-term sustainable approach that you can bring with you.

Michelle passionately believes that simple but radical shifts from our normal ways of living and consuming cause powerful transformations in our physical, mental and spiritual health. She will also be collaborating with the Holy Love Kitchen in bringing healthy foods to our retreats.

Homage to my Teachers: David Swenson, Paulina Marian, Govind Das, Erika Faith, Andrew Sealy, Debbie Berardi, Nick Hughes, Oleg Flow, Larisa Stow, Julian Walker, Mod Plank, Lorin Roche.

500 E-RYT Yoga Teacher
Holistic Health Coach
Raw Food Chef
Private Ashtanga TT
Private Lifestyle Live-in Personal At-home Immersions


Michelle ScarbroughMichelle ScarbroughMichelle Scarbrough

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