Presence of Being

The mystics and poets have always found ways to write about true presence and sacramental symbol, yet the subtle experience of Divinity eludes the best use of language. It’s hard to grasp what true presence is because it is not a place, but a dimension of existence.

Tantra is connection, presence and conscious awareness while relating with oneself or another. The practice is all about being present to the totality of life as the spacious, ecstatic and vibrating manifestation of Shiva-Shakti consciousness pulsing with the expansive vitality of creation.  It is about awakening to our highest identity as part of the Divine, teaching us to shift our self-perception from the limited isolated self to the unlimited highest Self flowing within, around and from us.

Shiva and Shakti are personifications of the great powers of Yoga which reflect the higher realities and energies that are behind, and beyond, all universal forces. Shiva and Shakti can be seen as the guiding deities of yoga offering us the power of transformation and liberation. Shiva, the Divine Masculine, represents consciousness and awareness, while Shakti, the Divine Feminine, represents activating power and energy.

Both Shakti & Shiva are alive in both men and women as the "Thee Red & White Essence of Tantra".  All of us have divine feminine (Shakti/power) and divine masculine(Shiva/space) aspects to our being. Masculine and Feminine are not gender-based.

It’s said that our feminine side resides on our left side, while the masculine resides on our right side. We hold these energies within us and, when united, there’s a complete balance, joy and presence within our very being.

They are the manifestations of divine consciousness where the ‘whole’  is made up of two opposed but complementary forces. Like yin and yang, they represent the duality behind all energies in the universe.  These energies are present in our internal worlds as they are in the external cosmos.

Discover how to sit with another, and drop into pure presence, allowing everything to dissolve away with the breath, eye-gazing and more techniques. Dissolve all stories. Or choose to meditate alone on this inner-union and balance, dropping your gaze inwards.

Open to Holy Love and the Presence of Being.

Course facilitated by Sharene Shamana Ma and Patrick Papa Love