Tantrik Tea Ritual

When having tea with a Tantrika be ready to be taken on a journey..

Tantrik Tea Ritualistic Ceremony with Chantell 

First we arrive, we slow down and ever so gently soften into presence and reverence for all is divine. Then our journey begins and as we approach each step of the way we pause and give our love and gratitude for each of the elements.

Fire; the fire used to heat the water
Water; the water used to steep the tea
Earth; the tea leaves
Air; the steam when the hot water meets the leaves
And Ether; the emptiness or stillness one may experience when fully surrendering and becoming present with the tea in their hands.

Just As a yogini arrives to her mat, grounding into presence, a Ceremonialist Tea Tantrika arrives to her sheepskin, grounding in presence, pouring herself empty to be a clear channel for spirit to move through her. Stillness becomes her and the process of serving and partaking in tea becomes an art.

When the cup arrives into your hands feel its warmth, what sensations course through your body? Gaze upon its beauty, what do you see? Sip in its aroma, what do you smell? Where do these sensations take you? Then ever so slowly bring the cup to your lips, before you take your taste close your eyes, take in one little sip at a time. Allow the tea to tickle all of your taste buds than ever so subtly feel its warms moving through your body, your entire being. Now tell me what’s more tantrik than that?

I didn’t think it could, until we added in deity yoga to the service. In the photos here we gave homage to Chinnamasta. The goddess who decapitates her own head to feed her attendants. She is the sacrifice, the sacrificer and the recipient of the sacrifice. She is the self sacrificing goddess that transcends death. She is Samadhi. She is the bright lightning of instantaneous spiritual intuition that destroys and casts away the veil of ignorance, opening up the path towards supreme spiritual freedom. She is the ultimate goal as she goes beyond death, and is undying.