In the process of awakening, the Goddess Shakti, who lives coiled in slumber at the cervix in women and the perineum in men as Kundalini, is stirred by balancing the flows of Ida and Pingala Nadis, or our lunar and solar energies.

As Kundalini stirs and begins to rise up the spine, she pierces the chakra centers, which operate individually until they are pierced into a whole system of unified frequency. As she pierces each chakra these energy centers are awakened to their highest potential. As the fiery Goddess reaches the third eye center, or Agna Chakra where Ida and Pingala become one, she is tamed as she melts into the bliss of sacred union with her beloved Shiva, who represents Supreme Consciousness.

As supreme energy and supreme consciousness elope as one seamless whole, the crown chakra - Sahasrara - opens up to flood the body with ambrosial cosmic lunar nectar called Soma. Together with the Soma, Shiva and Shakti descend entwined in union back to the root chakra flooding the body and mind with the bliss of Samadhi, or spiritual awakening IN the body.

This is the goal that the mystical science of Shivakti Tantra Yoga aims to achieve, the sacred merger of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within.

by Halo Seronko

In this course, we will explore the chakras esoteric meanings, learn to understand what each chakra/energy center represents, we will learn how to activate specific chakras that are imbalanced, and more.  We will also have lecture, discussion and guided pranayama practices into the subtle body of our Chakras & Nadis, and how the physical-energy-emotional-wisdom-bliss bodies are connected.