Aloha, “breath of life”

Aloha is to love yourself and others, to embody Holy Love.
The point of beginning is the breath. The first thing to enter us at birth, and the last thing to leave us at death... is the breath.
With each breath, we give thanks. With each breath, we draw in our life force, our prana, our essence, our spirit. With each breath, we say YES to this life and to living our prayers through these bodies as Temples. We receive each breath consciously, gratefully aware that each breath is a gift from God Source.
While breathing deeply, we open to Holy Love and to the Meaning of Aloha. The literal meaning of aloha is "the presence of breath" or "the breath of life." It comes from "Alo," meaning presence, front and face, and "ha," meaning breath. Aloha is a way of living and treating each other with love and respect.

Aloha is an essence of being: love, peace, compassion, and a mutual understanding of respect. Aloha means living in harmony with the people and land around you with mercy, sympathy, grace, and kindness.

Take a moment to reflect at the beginning of your practice, to inquire within yourself - What is my present condition? How may I draw in with my breath, the essence of "Aloha"? How may I breathe in with ease and with grace?

What is currently happening in my life, body and environment? How may I bring all my senses to the present moment? What would help bring more balance, peace, harmony, clarity?

Here at the Holy Love Institute of Tantra Yoga, our offerings are learned through academic study,  focused practice and intuitive - learned through shamanic inquiry. You will learn to discern for yourself when to lean in to formal studies and when (and how) to tune in to your internal guidance.

It is our prayer to be clear conduits for Divine Remembrance, for all parts of you to feel the vibrations of true holy love and aloha, the kiss of kundalini bliss, to reclaim all your soul parts from across space and time to be embodied now.

With an open heart, open mind, open body, you are invited you to ride the cosmic energy train, allowing the energy to flow where it needs to go, moving beyond old blocks, opening yourself up to limitless expansion -- and if ready, Kundalini Awakening and the flight of the hummingbird within, the Spirit.

Aloha means to be in the presence. When we are in the presence or spirit, we radiate the divine in everything we do, everything we are, and everything we say. Since great spirit is love, when we embrace that truth, we open ourselves to serving with love. It influences everything.

Aloha gives us purpose. It forever will be and has always been a part of who we are. We can connect to Aloha and extend it to everyone in any situation.

Aloha means to venerate. Venerate means to uplift, to lift up or raise up. We can raise ourselves up with holy love or aloha. We can raise others up with holy love or aloha. We can help each other to be more and to be better, to be more closer to the spirit that we truly are.

Aloha is the experience of being welcomed. It’s the experience of being welcomed, loved, and accepted as family instantaneously.  Not after a period of time of getting to know someone, but instantaneously and unconditionally. We hope in our Sangha, in our family, you will feel safe, honored, seen, welcomed, respected, loved.

Aloha is just a way of life and encompasses our values:

malama – to care, nurture or be caring. The deeper meaning to Malama Pono is, “It is Proper (Right) to Take Care of Your Light (soul)” In other words Keep your Light Bright.

Lokahi – unity. It also has to do with your character, something that’s instilled in you.

Ha’aha’a – humility.

Kokua - being helpful and of service.

Pono – being in alignment and balance with yourself and with all things.

The combined experience of these values instilled in one’s character is the living and being in aloha. 

Breathe in Holy Love, you are welcome here in our Aloha Sangha.

Aloha ke akua (Breath is Life, the love of God), Sharene Shamana Ma


Welcome To The Temple

Enter the Inner Sanctum of your Heart.

From this Chalice,  allow Beauty to pour forth,

 Quenching the Divine's thirst to know itself more Deeply, 

Lifting the veil between the Form and Formless. 

May this merging be your Art; 

The Alchemy of the Immanent and Transcendent;

Embodied, Enraptured, and in humble service to the One Heart.

Halo Seronko


Description: Lecture intro into intention, energy and breath-work, including a brief guided practice.