Mira Annette

Mira Annette

Mira Annette

Warm greetings, 

My name is Mira. I am here to welcome you and be your Tantrik guide & Teacher in Bodywork. Allow me to open the doors for you to experience something greater for you and your body.

I am a healer, bodyworker and yogini who is rooted to the earth yet dances in wonder with the great mystery. I have spent much of my life mastering the art of touch and cultivating a relationship with inner landscapes through somatic practices. As a priestess, I am here to remind you that you are loved, you are Divine and your body is sacred.

All parts come into harmony when shadows are embraced with light. The Divine feminine creatively moves through me to bring you transmissions of magick, healing and unconditional love. Each time we meet is a unique experience. New layers are revealed as we go deeper and create openings for beauty to bloom in the garden of your spirit.

Through Tantrik ritual bodywork we are able to dissolve tension, dilate the sense gates and activate the body’s remembrance of how to heal itself. 

We will begin by coming to center, summoning all of ourselves into form. We then connect to heaven and earth, calling upon the light of divinity that rests in the heart. Kundalini begins to awaken as we spiral open, moving with what’s alive in the moment. The subtle body is awakened and the cells of your physical form become open and receptive to my touch. With each breath and flowing movement thoughts gently dissolve, allowing you to dive deeper into safety, sensation, rapture and transcendence.

Tantra helps us remember who and what we are. It supports us in living a life of meaning and purpose. It allows us to transcend our everyday reality, creating a deeper sense of gratitude for what we have and expand our capacity to love what is.

What would it be like to show up to life in your fullness? Let this be an invitation to explore the immense beauty that awaits you.

~ Mira Annette

  • Reiki Master - Usui | Holy Fire | Mahikari
  • Certified Massage Therapist | 750+ hours of training in Lomi Lomi, Craniosacral, Myofascial release, Thai yoga massage, deep tissue, Swedish, acupressure and more 
  • Shivakti Tantra Yoga teacher 200 RYT
  • Sacred Temple Bodywork course Co-creator & teacher
  • Tantrik Ritual Bodywork course Co-creator & teacher
  • Access Consciousness Bars & Body Process practitioner - the art of ask and you shall receive
  • Certified Coach - Somatic awareness, transformation, embodiment and belief work using the L.O.V.E process 
  • Workshop leader and women’s circle facilitator
  • Multiple soul initiations and awakenings with entheogenic plant medicines

In depth sessions that are two hours or longer are my absolute favorite as they allow me to ease in slowly, drop in deeply and share my breadth of knowledge with you. 

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Luxy Lou

Graduate Teacher & Institute Teaching Assistant

Luxy Lou

Luxy works alongside Shamana Ma in creating personalized Tantra Yoga Workshops & Circles of Transformation

Luxy Lou

“Tantra is not technique but prayer. Is not head oriented but a relaxation into the heart."- Osho

Luxy is a devoted Tantric Dakini, teacher of Holy Love and sacred relationships, Shivakti Tantra Yoga instructor, CMT, and certified integrative Somatic trauma therapist. She leads workshops and trains others on the path to the Priestess through Temple Arts.

In 2009, Luxy began her expansion and passionate practice in YabYum workshops with Psalm Isadora, deep shamanic transmissions with Sharene Shamana Ma, and in sisterhood with The Temple of Bliss collective. She received her 200 hr YTT with Holy Love Institute of Tantra Yoga, studied at The Advanced School of Massage Therapy, received her certification in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy through The Embody Lab, and is a certified Reiki 2 healer. She continues to be a seeker of embodiment and remembrance practices. The journey is the medicine.

Luxy's life purpose is to meet you where you are so that you can can see yourself clearly, like through the eyes of a child, and recognize your own Divinity. Cultivating a practice of awareness and transformation looks different for everyone and is a deeply personal experience. Luxy is a compassionate guide in the search for Truth and blissfull awakening through the body.

Her work uses Pranayama (breath work), guided meditation, Asana yoga, Deity yoga, intentional touch, sound and mantra, ecstatic movement, shamanic ritual, and radical acceptance to bring you back home to yourself. Her passion for the subtleties of personal growth and exploration, especially in the mirror of interpersonal relationships, lead her to weaving Tantric teachings with heart centered holistic trauma therapies to create the most supportive container for healing and connection with Self and others.

  • YA 200-hour Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Certification with Holy Love Institute
  • 500-hour Certified Massage Therapist 
  • Temple of Bliss Senior Tantra Teacher, Dakini Initiations & Guardian
  • Reiki 1 & 2
  • Tantra Workshops with Psalm Isadora
  • Healing Trauma Certification with Dr Peter Levine
  • Kundalini Yoga and YabYum Workshops with Psalm Isadora
  • Inner Healing Journey certification with The Embody Lab
  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certification Through The Embody Lab
  • Trained & worked alongside Luna Lauren for 5 years
  • Tantra Workshop with Triambika Vive of ISTA
  • Tantric workshop with Destin Gerrik of The Evolved Masculine
  • Multiple Shamanic Temple Bodywork Trainings and initiations with Shamana Ma
  • Energy & Healing Workshops at The House of Intuition
  • Temple Tantrika 15 years

Luxy LouLuxy LouLuxy Lou

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Luna Lauren

Graduate Teacher & Teaching Assistant

Luna Lauren

Luna Lauren

“Nothing is deeper than the breath…” -Psalm Isadora

Aloha and Namaste Beloved,.

I invite you into the realm where breath meets the body; where honey nectar is formed deep inside the soma; where inherent healing is possible when you’re given the nourishing elements of life. 

I am a certified Tantric Love and Relationship Coach and Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Heartbreak Healer, and Writer currently living life as a gypsy between Los Angeles and Hawaii. 

I began my yogic path at 16 years old, while dealing with chronic pain, and had my first spiritual awakening while reading “Conversations With God” and ingesting plant medicine in the Rocky Mountains where I was born. Realizing the inherent unity within the living matrix of reality, I began to dance my way through life, weaving together life experience with the teachings of the yogic and tantric path. 

With 15 years of hands-on experience as a Priestess and healer, I create a unique resonant field for the kundalini shakti to flow. Through mantra (sonic code) and holding specific points on the body, the recipient's system can open, undulate with the pulse of life, restoring one to greater union and harmony within. 

My intensive fascination with Tantra led me to India where I was initiated in the Sri-Vidya lineage under Psalm Isadora, and built a relationship to Kali, Durga and Lakshmi, as well as beloved Ganesha. Other profound teachers such as Christopher Wallis,  and Paul Muller-Ortega, and Layla Martin have all forged my path as an awakened woman, both in my passionate presence and embodied sensuality. 

The most profound healing journey I have embarked upon was the journey into my own subconscious body-mind. In my 1 year coaching certification, I went deep into the psychological and tantric realms, and went through the process of rewiring the brain and body to truly thrive. Learning tools to build greater resiliency and access my own inner resources of love, safety and belonging, I  transformed my codependent relationship style to one of truly healthy and secure style of relating. 

 I consider my deepest work to be the coaching containers I hold for singles and couples to heal deep-seated patterns so they can truly thrive in love, as well as the potent healing that is found in my Shakti Rose Kundalini Activations. 

We can all attain inner gnosis; by combining intentional breath, sound, energy and movement, the gateways to the divine are open to us. The great Mother/Father/Creator is just one breath away; or rather can be found in the space between the breath. Our nervous system is directly linked to our ability to access higher states of consciousness, & human connection, as well as release built up pain and trauma which no longer serves us.

But most importantly, when we know in our bones that we are deeply loved and held by the Universe; by Shiva and Shakti; by Divinity and Life itself; we change the way we behave in the world. We operate from a more peaceful place of loving compassion and acceptance; and we are changing the fabric of karmic existence throughout all time and space. 

This to me is the beauty way, the Way of Holy Love; to truly devote ourselves and our life path for the benefit of all Beings. 

And in this, we can all be a Royal Bodhisattva of Love; and take one’s place on the Lotus-throne and to know oneself as the Divine, radiating the energy of love to all. 

May you know how absolutely cherished you are! 

Luna Lauren

  • Sky Dancing Bodywork certification by Julian Marc Walker 
  • Graduate Shivakti Tantra Yoga 200-hour
  • Graduate Tantra Yoga 200-hour with Psalm Isadora
  • Sri-Vidya Initiation by Sri Amritananda 
  • Initiation into the non-dual Shaiva path with Paul Muller-Ortega
  • 6 month meditation program with Christopher Wallis
  • Mythic Yoga Flow Teacher Training with Sianna Sherman
  • 600 hr Tantric Love and Relationship Coaching Certification with Layla Martin
  • International School of Temple Arts Level 1 training
  • Worked alongside Shamana Ma for 10+ year
  • Tantra Workshops with Triambika
  • Multiple Shamanic Tantric trainings with Shamana M
  • Multiple additional Yoga Training
  • Trauma informed and well studied in the Poly-Vagal theory
  • 200 hr Massage Certification in 2006

MENS INTIMACY COACHING BY VIDEO CALL  send email inquiry: [email protected]

As a certified somatic psychological coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Wholeness, I bring a compassionate and embodied approach to healing any deep-seated patterns that are preventing you from true love and intimacy. If you’re single and looking for a healthy partner and lack confidence in dating, or in a marriage that lacks loving touch,  I can help you move through blocks that are preventing you from accessing your Masculine Core. Once we have addressed and released blocks from the nervous system in the Release and Reset phase, then we move to the Empower Phase! This is where you gain full access to your Masculine Core, True Essence, and Authentic Energy. Men who work with me over 5-10 sessions skyrocket their confidence, attract healthier partners and heal life-long wounds so they can truly thrive in their romantic partnerships. Are you ready to have the love life you deserve and desire? *

*Requires a free 20 min phone consultation

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Kamala Marta

Graduate Teacher & Institute Teaching Assistant

Kamala Marta

Let us come together to witness the blessing of this body, this age, this moment. We are gifted with these senses through which we can experience the divine recreated in a thousand formless forms.

Kamala Marta


I am delighted to share the profound connection to the ancient wisdom and mystical practices of yoga and tantra. Over the years, my journey has led me to immerse myself in extensive study and practice, allowing me to cultivate a deep understanding of these transformative disciplines.

Through my teachings, I aim to create a nurturing and supportive space for students to explore the depths of their being. I believe that the path to self-realization begins with self-acceptance and self-love. By embracing our authentic selves and connecting with our inherent divine energy, we can unlock the boundless potential that resides within each of us.

In my Kundalini Yoga classes, I offer a dynamic blend of breathwork, physical postures, mantra chanting, and meditation techniques. Kundalini, often referred to as the "yoga of awareness," activates the dormant energy at the base of the spine, allowing it to rise and harmonize with the entire being. This powerful practice not only strengthens the body but also clears the mind, balances emotions, and opens the heart.

In the realm of Tantra, I explore the sacred and sensual aspects of life, guiding students towards a deeper connection with themselves and their partners. Tantra is a path of embracing the divine energy that flows through all aspects of life, including our relationships and our connection with the universe. Through conscious touch, breathwork, and ancient rituals, I help individuals tap into their innate sensuality and cultivate a more intimate and fulfilling connection with themselves and their loved ones.

My approach to teaching is rooted in compassion, authenticity, and a deep respect for each person's unique journey. I believe in creating a safe and inclusive space for individuals of all backgrounds and abilities to explore and expand their spiritual horizons. It is my passion to guide individuals on a transformative journey towards joy, harmony, and inner peace.

Tantra is an ancient wisdom of turning within to connect with Source and remember that you are that. This allows you to so feel more strongly connected to the Divine that you are and experience consistent moments of heaven on earth in daily life. Meditation on long, smooth breathing will slow down your heart rate and will ease your mind, allowing you to tap into the state of bliss and delight. God is closer to you than your very breath, found in-between the breaths, where time stands still.

Deliberately guiding your breath through the body will dissolve and release stagnant energy promoting balance, health, and vitality. This practice of exhaling stress and tension will make you feel relaxed and at peace. As you continue to align yourself with your true nature, you may notice more synchronicities and positive coincidences occurring in your life.

“Courage Is a Love Affair with the Unknown” ― Osho

To increase self-awareness, I encourage you to play with the edges of your comfort zone. I invite you to dance with the fear and create passion with the unknown by entertaining your senses with a wide range of tools and techniques.

It is an honor and a joy to offer White Tantra Yoga & Neo-Tantra in the Institute Workshops, as well as assisting in the Holy Love Institute of Tantra Yoga Teacher Trainings. From White Tantra to Red Tantra, I offer my gifts to you.

In Holy Love, Kamala Marta

2021: Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Training

2021: Identity By Design: Hypnotherapy Certification @NLP Power in Las Vegas, NV

2021: Erotic Polarity with Om Rupani

2020: Multiple Tantra Courses with Psalm Isadora

2019: 220HR KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher @Wanderlust Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA

2019: Neo Tantra 7 week course with Dawn Cartwright @Mystic’s Journey in Santa Monica, CA

2019: White Tantric Meditation @UCLA

2019: Assisted at a Beginner’s Tantra Seminar @Source School of Tantra Yoga

2019: Assisted at an Intermediate Tantra Seminar @Source School of Tantra Yoga

2018: Tantric Technology 10 week course @Kadampa Meditation Center in Hollywood.

2018: Tantric Dating workshop with Catherine Auman @Liberate Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA

2018: White Tantric Full Day Meditation @UCLA in Los Angeles.

2018: Certified Tantra Educator @Source School of Tantra Yoga

Kamala MartaKamala MartaKamala Marta

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Michelle Scarbrough

500 E-RYT Asana Workshop Teacher in Teacher Trainings & Holistic Health Raw Foods Chef

Michelle Scarbrough

Michelle Scarbrough

Michelle Scarbrough, 500 E-RYT, has been a passionate yoga instructor for 10 years, dedicated to helping others live in the present moment in their body, mind and spirit. She  is joining our Team in 2022. Michelle will be teaching in the Asana workshops of our Teacher Trainings, breaking down many of the Asanas in the Surya Namaskars, to facilitate greater alignment in the postures.

Michelle has a 12-week online program which has one learn and master how to teach a beginning Ashtanga class. We weave her videos into the Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Online Training, while her training also stands alone for those only wanting to learn Ashtanga. Michelle’s background is in Ashtanga Vinyasa is where she has led many past 200-hr Teacher Trainings.

Michelle is the Founder of KurmaLife, a meal prep distributor specializing in food that is ‘alive’, Michelle Introduces her clients to a way of eating and experiencing food that causes a shift in the body; to more energy, a clearer mind, less food cravings, heightened senses, deeper rest and a profoundly new connection with a healthier self. She shares her simple, original recipes, facilitating a long-term sustainable approach that you can bring with you.

Michelle passionately believes that simple but radical shifts from our normal ways of living and consuming cause powerful transformations in our physical, mental and spiritual health. She will also be collaborating with the Holy Love Kitchen in bringing healthy foods to our retreats.

Homage to my Teachers: David Swenson, Paulina Marian, Govind Das, Erika Faith, Andrew Sealy, Debbie Berardi, Nick Hughes, Oleg Flow, Larisa Stow, Julian Walker, Mod Plank, Lorin Roche.

500 E-RYT Yoga Teacher
Holistic Health Coach
Raw Food Chef
Private Ashtanga TT
Private Lifestyle Live-in Personal At-home Immersions


Michelle ScarbroughMichelle ScarbroughMichelle Scarbrough

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Elizabeth Bast

500 RYT, 200 E-RYT, Ceremonial Facilitator

Elizabeth Bast

Elizabeth Bast

Elizabeth Bast serves as a writer, yoga teacher, performance artist, ceremonial facilitator, speaker/educator, & holistic coach specializing in sacred plant medicine support, spirit-led addiction recovery, & visionary life design. She is a lifelong devotee of plant medicine, ceremony, and prayer, having been raised within a long family line of plant healers and an inter-tribal community with traditional ceremony. Her greater intentions are to help facilitate 100% natural bliss, synergy between culture and nature, and conversations between the old & new ways of knowing.  She studied at New College of San Francisco with an emphasis on Art and Social Change. Bast completed the transformational coach training program with  Being True to You.

​Bast is the author of HEART MEDICINE: A True Love Story, an intimate memoir about a healing experience with the African sacred medicine, iboga.

Bast is a recipient of a "Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance" grant from the psychedelic feminist organization Cosmic Sister and a member of Cosmic Sister's Expert Advisory Circle.

In 1993, Bast began a passionate practice of hatha yoga. In 2004, she completed the Interdisciplinary Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at the Nosara Yoga Institute. In 2010, she completed the Anusara Yoga Teacher Training through Katchie Ananda. She continues to study teachings of the Sri-Vidya sakta tantra tradition through Janice Craig and is completing an additional Bhakti Nova Yoga Teacher Training with Nubia Teixeira.

Since 2007, she has lived and co-created with artist Chor Boogie. Together, they have produced numerous collaborations of visual and performance art at galleries, museums, and special events.

​After their healing experience with iboga, Bast and Chor Boogie were inspired to give back. In December 2014, the couple traveled to Gabon, Africa, where they began their iboga provider training and experienced a traditional Bwiti initiation, Rite of Passage, and wedding. They are educators and activists for iboga, sacred medicine sustainability, the Bwiti tradition, drug policy reform, and holistic addiction treatment. They serve as iboga providers with the IbogaSoul team.

Bast is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area & Costa Rica. We look forward to Elizabeth joining us in teaching in our future Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Trainings, as well as offering her wisdom in online workshops.

Retreats in Costa Rica

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Nubia Teixeira

Special Guest *MAHA* Teacher

Nubia Teixeira

Yogini, teacher, dancer, healer & author,  I was born in Brazil and have been practicing and teaching traditional yoga and classical Indian Odissi danceNubia Teixeira for almost 30 years. I am the founder of the Bhakti Nova School of Yoga and Dance and lead classes, workshops, and teacher-trainings internationally, independently, and in collaboration with my husband, kirtan artist Jai Uttal. I live in Fairfax, California, with Jai and our son, Ezra.

I perceive Yoga as a healing art, my connection to this ancient practice is reflected in my unique teachings.

I am the author of the book Yoga and The Art of Mudras and of the instructional CD, Pranayama: May Breath Be Our Prayer.

I have dedicated the past 30 years of my life to this “art-science-philosophy-practice” called Yoga and via my personal experience, insight and curiosity I gathered many gems that supports me to support my students to stay firmly rooted in their spiritual practices.

Serving humanity with a healthy physical body, with a clear mind and an altruistic heart is critically essential now. Let us via this beautiful vehicle of our bodies, bring more light, more love, more devotion, more kindness to the world.

"I define Yoga as Grace and I see Yoga as an instrument to awaken spiritual evolution in one’s path, divine love in one’s heart and the unison of our heart’s intentions and actions. I welcome you to experience the sacredness of your incarnation via embodied practice and to find in the bountifulness of your physical body, the  gateways to the realm of the extraordinary." - Nubia Teixeira

With Gratitude to my Teachers:

I feel fortunate to have received the gift of yoga from so many unique and traditional teachers. I feel the honor and the responsibility of carrying this gift within me. With this responsibility comes deep commitment and an inspiring excitement to share those teachings with you.

I have faith in the yoga techniques I practice, I rely on the Yogic scriptures to keep me on track, I reflect on the philosophical teachings to keep me inspired and nurtured. I trust that the light of the ancient yogis & yoginis and the benevolence of my spiritual guides will shine upon my heart, purifying me, so I can be an instrument for the light of Yoga itself to continue shining upon the ones near and around me.

University of Yoga in Sao Paulo – Mestre DeRose (1993-94-95-96) – 4 year Yoga Certification

Pedro Kupfer e Rosangela de Castro (1992-93-94-95) – workshops

Aruna Yoga – Anderson Allegro (1995–98)- 2 year Yoga Certification

Lygia Lima (1998-99) – workshops & classes

Shiva Rea (2001-02-03) – workshops & classes

It’s Yoga – Larry Shultz (2001) – 200hr Yoga Certification

Thai Yoga Massage –  Saul David Ray (2001) – 9 day training

Paul Grilley (2003) – workshops

Anne O’Brien (2003-04-05) – workshops & classes

Turtle Island – Tonny Briggs (2008) –  200hr Yoga Certification

Maritza (2010) – workshops & group/private lessons

Bihar School – Swami Satyananda Saraswati – self-study through their endless resourceful books

Sivananda Yoga (trips to India 1997 and 2000) & self-study

Nubia TeixeiraOdissi Dance with Sonia Galvao (1997 to 2000)

Madavi Mudhgal school (2000)

Shri Vishnu Tattva Das from USA (2001 till now)

Tibetan Self Healing with Lama Gangchen Rinpoche (1997 till now)

Reiki with Claudete Franca ( 1996-97-98)

Reiki empowerment from Lama Gangchen in the lineage of the Buddha (2016 )

Kirtan with Jai Uttal (2000 till forever)

“Nubia’s classes are a piece of art interweaving her vast knowledge and mastery of asana, mudras, mantras and pranayama into an hour long journey of heartfelt flow and song. She is a gifted teacher whose authenticity and joy light up the way as she guides her students with her gift of song, hands on adjustments and her playful and devotional approach to her teachings. I am proud to call her my teacher and mentor.”~ Naia Maro, Artist & Yoga Teacher

Nubia TeixeiraNubia TeixeiraNubia TeixeiraNubia Teixeira

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Natalia Price

Guest Teacher: Temple Dancer, Ordained Priestess & Temple Keeper

Natalia Price

The temple doors are open. The candles are lit. The incense offerings are burning. Awaiting your arrival, Your stepping in and taking your place in the hallowed circle. You are being called into Rememberence of the true essence of who you are at your core. As empowered, alive, embodied and free! The planet is in need of empowered feminine leadership that is aligned in the heart and ready to offer her gifts to transform and uplift the planet. The priestess is awakening, igniting within us all. Are you ready to step across a threshold that will transform you? Are you willing to surrender and Enter In? This journey into your feminine self is intended to awaken ancient mysteries within your own mythic story connected to the greater web of Creation. To remember what you came here for It is time to embody your your radiance, your passion, your power.

Natalia Price

Born and raised all over South America with Argentinian and Welsh blood, I have traveled the world following the inner call for the sacred, Mother Earth and the embodiment of the divine feminine in all cultures, places and people, especially sacred sites. My spiritual lineage is that of ancient Egypt….of the temples of Isis and Hathor. Aligning my inner compass to the ritual arts and remembrance of those times of service to the Mother in all.

The midwifing into death of some of my closest beloveds initiated me into the deeper realms of death and guided me into the role of temple keeper of the Queen of Death for the Sanctuary of the Open Heart.  I became certified as a death doula and work with the Full Circle Living and Dying Collective to transform and reclaim our relationship and ritual with the death process.

I currently live in Nevada City, CA with my 7 year-old son and husband, where we own  Sacredskulls Tattoo and Art Gallery. I facilitate a year-long priestess initiation circle in the 13 Moon Mystery school, as well as new/full moon gatherings, 1:1 soul work with individuals, workshops and community rituals.

I am continuously weaving my priestess path and family life as a living prayer of devotion to transforming and uplifting consciousness through the awakening of the heart and embodiment of our body temples. I am fiercely dedicated to empowering women to rediscover and remember what makes them feel alive, passionate and whole and how to offer that in service to the planet in Love and rebalance the Divine Feminine in the world.


I have a long-standing friendship with Sharene Shamana Ma and am honored to bring my gifts in-person into the gorgeous containers she has created in both the Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Trainings and the Devotional Embodiment Workshops.   In Holy Love, Natalia Price


Natalia PriceNatalia Price

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Patrick Papa Love

Holy Love Institute Co-Founder & Teacher

Patrick Papa Love

Living from the Heart of Curiosity and Innocence

Patrick Papa Love

Patrick James Riley aka Papa Love, is Co-Founder of Holy Love Institute and Holy Love LLC. We all absolutely love Papa. He is our ROCK!

In his twenties, Patrick produced many large-scale events, ranging from Concerts to Festivals to Weddings. He has actually overseen the production of 250+ weddings. With this in his background, and with his dedication to the path of Holy Love, we are open to facilitating and producing more future weddings with Shamana Ma as the officiant.

Patrick followed a spiritual calling in his thirties which led him to India. There he spent a decade where he co-created an Educational Institute in Rishikesh called "Mother Miracle." Mother Miracle empowers children from the slums of India to reach their highest potential by providing free K-12 education in English, as well as providing the nutrition, healthcare, and extra-curricular activities needed to succeed. In addition to free education, also provided is free cutting-edge technology training.

The call of "Holy Love" brought Patrick home from India in 2011 and heart-deep into a committed relationship with his longtime close friend of 17 years, Sharene Shamana Ma. In August of 2012, they were married in the wedding of Holy Love.

Together they believe that Holy Love is their mission and path. They live to embody the principles of Holy Love and commit to choosing love daily, again and again, unconditionally and with deep compassion.

Since Patrick has been home from India, he helped organize the Holy Love business and put it into an LLC in 2012. Under his guidance, the business has blossomed tremendously.

In the Teacher Trainings, Patrick will be offering business advice under the Teaching Skills Course Foundation. He will share his expertise on how to take your Teacher Certification into the world to build your business vision.

Additionally, he and Sharene will share their wisdom in the Loving Communication Course Foundation.

All around, as shared earlier, he is our "Papa Love" and our Rock. He is our Shiva and will keep us anchored in our retreat. He makes sure everyone has what they need.


Patrick Papa LovePatrick Papa LovePatrick Papa LovePatrick Papa Love

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Sofiah Thom

"Presence is the key to living artfully"

Sofiah Thom

SPECIAL GUEST TEACHER: Sofiah has taught and performed in-person around the globe for over 20 years. Driven by her lifelong passion for dance, creative expression, and tantra yoga, Sofiah creates a safe container for empowerment and embodied presence through sacred movement and inner exploration.

Sofiah Thom

Creative Director and Co-founder of Danyasa Eco-Retreat, Creator of Temple Body Arts School of Sacred Sensuality and Dance.

Sofiah is a creative muse and mentor, Sacred Movement Artist, Teacher and embodiment coach, committed to guiding women to connect with their brilliance.

Sofiah believes that every person possesses an inner artist — a unique, individual creative spark that just needs to be allowed or inspired to show itself. Sofiah’s mission lies in nurturing this creative spark in others with the aim to inspire them to live to their fullest creative potential, sharing her wisdom through retreats, yoga teacher trainings, private sessions and public classes. In Sofiah’s presence one feels her grace, strength and sensuality as she invites you to get out of your head and into your body.

As a daughter of parents who are also healers and teachers, and as an interdisciplinary artist with a B.A. in Dance Therapy and Performing Arts from Naropa University, studies at the Tamalpa Institute in Expressive Healing Arts, and a myriad of trainings in Bodywork, Tantra Yoga and Dance, Sofiah’s deep understanding of the body shines through her work. Her experience and collaboration with certain key mentors laid the groundwork and sparked a deep sense of inspiration for her work.

Sofiah is fourth generation Subud, an international spiritual movement originating in Indonesia in the early 1920’s with a core philosophy and practice that focuses on opening to the divine force within each of us. The essence of Subud rests in supporting and honoring each practitioner’s personal direct experience of spirit through a practice called latihan.  Sofiah’s lifelong personal practice in this tradition shines through clearly in her teaching and performance. Her passion lies in creating support systems for others based on recognizing personal value and innate wisdom. The deeply personal and experiential nature of Sofiah’s work creates meaningful life changing transformations for her students.

Sofiah’s inspiration as a yogini stems from Tantra and Vinyasa Flow and she received her 200 hour Yoga Alliance RYT through the teachings of Anusara.  Sofiah’s yoga classes are a fusion of Tantra Yoga and movement arts guiding students to connect with their creative power through the body.  When it comes to dance, Sofiah fuses all of her technique background including ballet, modern, African, Indian and Belly Dance into a unique and beautiful performance art, which she calls Temple Fusion, which originates from the recognition of the body as a temple, melding and fusing multiple dance and movement modalities in a sexy, sensual and spiritual dance offering. She dances the winding path between inner landscape and external environment, always embracing the succulence and sensuality of the goddess archetype.

Named after the greek goddess of wisdom and creativity, Sofiah dedicates her life’s work to continuously receiving, embodying and transmuting divine energy through a myriad of artistic expressions. Driven by her boundless passion for dance and creative expression, Sofiah studied at the Naropa University and Tamalpa Institute, in Dance Therapy, Performing Art and Expressive Healing Arts. In 2016 Sofiah became an initiate of the 13 Moon Mystery School with Sarah Uma Kane as her mentor and guide.

She is a regular teacher and performer at festivals such as Lighting in a Bottle, The Symbiosis Gathering, and Wanderlust. Often seen on stage with Producers such as Random Rab and Desert Dwellers, Sofiah is well known to inspire ritual connection and expression of the divine feminine through dance. 

Sofiah Thom
Dominical, Costa Rica


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