Halo Seronko

Founding Tantra Teacher & Sacred Temple Dance

Halo Seronko

Halo Seronko

Halo Seronko, is a certified Yoga Teacher for many years and the founder and Priestess of Shakti Temple Arts. Deeply devoted to a life of cultivation and beauty through the feminine arts and radiance practices of Sacred Dance, Tantra Yoga, and the Taoist Feminine Arts for over a decade, she was inspired to birth this body of work through the profundity of her experiences on these sacred paths.

Raised by a Taoist father, Halo considers Taoism to be the root of her spiritual journey into the great mystery. Intrigued by health and wellness she began her spiritual quest studying Tai Chi and Qigong with her father in her early teens. She began reading the Tao Te Ching and other sacred texts and discovered her connection to both earthly and cosmic energy through this system.

As a young blossoming adult, she stumbled across Mantak Chia’s work at age 20 and has been studying the Taoist arts since that time. She met her first teacher, a senior student of Mantak Chia’s at age 24 on her first journey to India and began teaching the Jade Egg practices herself at age 27. She has now studied multiple lineages in the Taoist tradition, and has combined many threads from her father, as well as Mantak Chia into her practice and work over the last decade.

Tantra has since become the flower of Halo's spiritual journey. At age 24 a deep remembrance of life as an Indian Temple Dancer and Tantric became powerful enough to draw Halo on a transformational solo journey to the land of India.  While her main mission was to immerse in Odissi Classical Indian Temple Dance, which began a whole devotional love affair in itself, Halo became more and more romanced by Tantra’s dance of Shiva and Shakti.

She began studying the ancient texts while having profound experiences of devotional communion through the dance. She went on pilgrimages to sacred sites of the Goddess and Her consort. Since that first journey in 2010 Halo has returned to the well of wisdom that springs forth from the ancient land of India again and again.

Over the years she has been studying in India she has been initiated by Tantric masters into systems of Sri Vidya, Kashmir Shaivism and more occult branches of Tantra, sat at the feet of saints such as Prem Baba, Ammachi and the Dalai Llama, had countless mystical experiences, and gone on extensive pilgrimages to sites of Shakti and Her Shiva.  In 2011 Halo studied Tantra officially at Agama Yoga in Thailand, and in 2018 she completed a 200 hour Tantra Yoga Teacher Training with Satya Loka in India. She is certified with Yoga Alliance to teach the profound science of Tantra Yoga.

Her predominant guru has been the profound resonance and embodied experiences within her own body and consciousness.

Along with Taoism and Tantra, perhaps Halo’s greatest love is Odissi Classical Indian Temple Dance, which she has studied intensively over the last 8 years in India with gurus Padma Charan Dehury, Sujata Mohapatra Colleena Shakti and Sonali Mishra. This she considers to be her souls calling as her form of Bhakti Yoga, or devotional offering of beauty to the divine.

Halo begun studying Odissi in 2010 at Shakti School of Dance in Rajasthan, India and began the journey of teaching in Ashland Oregon with a senior dancer Ruth Rhiannon, who also became a teacher and influence in Halo’s dance, in 2013. Halo has since fully stepped into teaching Odissi internationally in retreats and intensives.

Halo has been studying the Temple Arts and feminine paths of embodied awakening as a way of being for her entire adult life. It is her path and passion as a Priestess. The mysteries of the feminine and of the womb have been her guiding lights upon her quest for deeper and deeper embodied understanding of the Goddess Shakti.

In 2016 Halo completed Initiation into the 13 Moon Mystery School by her beloved teacher and one of her greatest inspirations, Ariel Taja-Spilsbury. This initiation crystallized the potency of Halo’s work a thousand fold and helped her to integrally claim the title of Priestess. Through this title she is deeply devoted and in service to the Goddess and the Beauty Way of the One Heart.

In 2015 Shakti Temple Arts was birthed as a container for all of these arts, and for the unique ray through which Halo navigates and nourishes the world through the beauty and potency of these profound lineages. Alas, Halo welcomes you with a deep bow and a grateful heart to Shakti Temple Arts! May these arts touch the depths of your heart, soul and sacred embodiment, igniting a remembrance of yourself as Divine, as Sacred, as Temple.

Website: http://www.shaktitemplearts.com/


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