Temple Dance

Embody the ancient language of the  Sacred Feminine in Indian Temple Dance

"I awaken women to their radiant essence with Temple Dance and Yogini Tantric Rituals"... Daniela Riva

empower women by guiding them to embody the sacred feminine, with secret Mudras, traditional Mantras, Sacred Dance and traditional Tantric Yogini  practices and rituals. I support women holistic health with spiritual inspiration and Goddess wisdom, to discover their true power.

Devadasi Temple Dance©

The sacred dance of the devadasis developed in ancient India as an embodiment of the DivineDevadasi Temple Dance© is inspired by devotional and sensual poses, sacred movements and  gestures, ritualistic embodimentsCultivating the sacred origin of Indian Dances, Daniela guides her students into an inner journey, animating their prayers through refined and ritualistic gestures and steps. These classes include gentle, sensual and grounding steps, to awake even more subtle feminine energies of the body and spirit. These sequences are often composed and inspired by the temple sculptures of India and priestess rituals, with the traditional mantra and secret mudra, including their rich mythological stories. Daniela supports her students with inspiration and spiritual wisdom, to embody their Sacred Feminine, and to discover deep knowledge, power and intuition.

Born in the ancient temples of Tamil Nadu as a devotional ritual, Bharata Natyam is a refined classical dance style of India. Jewel of Tamil Nadu and a kind of poetry in movement, Bharata Natyam counts on a very powerful technique based on precise rhythm and steps (adavu), hand gestures (mudra), head and eyes movements (shiro and drishti bheda), neck and feet movements (greeva and padha bedha)- easy to master only after many years of constant practice. Daniela follows with devotion the Kalakshetra Lineage of Chennai classical dance style and teaches authentic and traditional classes of stepping and choreographies, according to different levels (Puspanjali, Alaripu, Jathiswaram, Keertanam, Padham, Shabdam, Tillana, Varnam).