Power of Intention

Manifesting and The Power of Intention

by Halo Seronko


In the new age alternative community I see so much talk and teachings focused around “manifesting”. A lot of it seems to be based on this idea that we can somehow wish our wants into being through unrelated methods to what we are actually hoping to accomplish. I witness a lot of giving up and giving over because there is an idea that if it is “meant to be” it won’t be difficult.

We so often throw something out before it’s even had an opportunity to take root out of waning attention spans and laziness, lack of clarity and focus and this idea that life should serve us rather than us serving life.

I have been inspired to bring my biggest secret weapon for manifesting to the forefront:


It is a concept that I find lacking in our modern era. In my own experience, which is the only space I can really speak from, I can undoubtedly say that everything I have accomplished or acquired that is meaningful took a great deal of commitment.

The first step to manifesting is clear vision, what is the goal or objective? This creates the target. I find it better to begin at the end. Many give up because they don’t know where to begin. Begin at the end and allow the path to reveal next.

The second step is to set a resolve or COMMIT to that. This is how we affirm to the universe our intention. We commit with our whole energy and consciousness. Now this doesn’t mean we won’t be tested, in fact expect it . The universe loves to know how serious we are about achieving our visions.

Finally, once that steadfast commitment is in place, it’s time to give our energy in exchange for manifestation as tangible action.

Within manifestation there is a natural grace that is required for fruition, however I have found that spirit, god/dess, the universe, rewards those who put in effort with the gift of that grace.

Clear Vision↠Commitment↠Energy in Action=Manifestation

This formula works for relationships, work, health, spirituality, you name it.

We are not in this realm for things to be easy. We are here to grow and stretch and evolve the bounds of who we think we are and what we think we are capable of.

Live large my loves.

Together we will work with the Power of Intention to embody, harness and manifest our visions.