Erin Rose Greene

Bi-lingual International Yoga Teacher & Grounded Spiritualist

Erin Rose Greene

"My own transformational experience with yoga has led me to educate myself in the way of leading others along the path. That said, each path is different, and unfortunately, what you want is often the opposite of what you need. But with dedication, regular practice and earnest desire for change, the appropriate methods will find you at the appropriate times and the healing will come on its own."

Erin Rose Greene

Erin Rose Greene, (aka Victoria Rose)is a bi-lingual international Yoga Teacher & grounded spiritualist. She is an intuitive and experienced healer who will observe, listen to, and adapt to your body. Through twenty+ years of practice, and several years of teaching, she has healed her own personal physical pain as well as shown others the path of how to heal.

"Erin, without a doubt, is the best yoga teacher I’ve had during my ten years of practice. Receiving class from Erin is discovering a new perspective on yoga, because Erin’s method adapts perfectly to your personal needs. Her versatility in teaching a yoga sequence comes from her own intuition and ability to feel and listen to the state of being of her student. With me, she has always been right, alleviating my stress, both physical and mental, and accompanying me on the journey to understanding all the possibilities that my body/mind is capable of offering. Above all, she has helped me to overcome fears through her technique and example. She is a magnificent teacher as well as a marvelous and powerful woman." - Esther

"Yoga with Erin is something very different to what I have experienced before. She moved about the studio like a magician, touching people very lightly into a better version of the poses they were in, including myself. I walked upright for 2 weeks after one hour class with her. A group class. Not even one on one. My posture was fantastic, I felt fantastic, and I've been looking for a teacher like this since. She has such a natural intuition for what people need during the class." - Lyndsey

I offer you peace.
I offer you love.
I offer you friendship.
I see your beauty.
I hear your need.
I feel your feelings.
My wisdom flows from the highest Source.
I salute that Source in you.
Let us work together. For unity and peace.
-Mohandas Gandhi

Spiritual from birth I would escape to the nearby woods to sit in silence and solitude as a young child in Massachusetts. I would listen to the rocks and the trees and the river. I had not yet heard of meditation but it brought me peace.

In 2001, I started experimenting with yoga off and on as a means of relieving back pain from scoliosis. I didn't realize at the time that as a result of suffering a variety of trauma, I had acquired a bad habit of disassociating or detaching from life. Years later, it was yoga that brought me back into my body, and with a vibrancy for life.

AIthough I had come to yoga for a straightforward and mundane reason, it slowly began to reach me on a spiritual level and irrevocably transformed my life. It taught me joy. That’s why I feel called to teach.

My entrance to the path was through the body.

As I walked the path, the appropriate shamans and teachers appeared before me at the appropriate times. I traveled the world and settled mostly in Barcelona for those 11 years abroad. It was there in 2008 that I began a dedicated daily practice. Tiago Rocha was the first teacher to push my limits and until then I never would have thought I could be strong. He is Brazilian with a circus background and I trained with him for 2.5 hours every day for 2 years.

I was inspired to do my first 50-hour training in Rocket yoga with David Kyle and I won a photo contest that helped me to afford it. I later did a 200h training with him in Progressive Ashtanga.

I won a guessing game on Instagram that awarded me a 3-day intensive with Meghan Currie in Lisbon, Portugal.

I went on a solo journey to the home countries of my ancestors to acknowledge and heal the cycles of suffering in my family lines. Back in Barcelona, I studied Ashtanga with Eva Oller who had lived in India with Pathabi Jois(the father of Ashtanga) for 10 years. I continued to study Ashtanga with Aleix Ríos who is commonly regarded as the best in Barcelona due to his progressive approach. He blends the wisdom of Iyengar through Donna Holleman with his Ashtanga background through the lineage of Rolf and Marci Naujokat in Goa, India.

Aleix selected myself along with another girl to be his assistant. During these two years I lived the ascetic life, waking up at 4:30am to do my meditation and physical practice before working alongside Aleix teaching and adjusting in a mysore-style setting from 6:30-11am. Between this hands-on experience and the semi-weekly meetings that covered technique as well as more philosophical and spiritual topics, I accumulated upwards of 5,000 hours of learning that are not certified officially by yoga alliance.

During the same time, I began experimenting more with shamanism and participated in Ayahuasca ceremonies as well as many sweat lodges. I joined a shamanic singing circle where I learned another ancient way of navigating the path between earth and sky.

I have since discovered that the ascetic style is not what’s best for me because denial and discipline come too easily and by choosing instead what is lovingly challenging I am able to move toward

the balance I continually seek. By relinquishing control, I open myself to an infinitude of possibilities I couldn’t have otherwise imagined.

I have done workshops with Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco and am very inspired by their shamanic approach to yoga and their nurturing but difficult practices.

Most recently, I’ve studied under Dharma Mittra in New York City who is an internationally recognized 81 year-old living master.

I believe that spirituality is an individual path of which no two look the same. I seek ways to blend the teachings of all my teachers with the needs of the student and the wisdom of my experience in a way that is joyful, accepting, and full of love.

Erin Rose GreeneErin Rose GreeneErin Rose GreeneErin Rose Greene

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