Tantric Lifestyle

Live your sacred embodiment as a full-body YES
to the Tantric Lifestyle while  embracing your unique gifts.
Temple Body Radiance is available to those in our Course Curriculum
as well as to those who are not,
from Sofiah Thom of Temple Body Arts,
Guest Teacher in the TANTRIC LIFESTYLE workshop within our Training.


Explore with Sofiah in a three-hour workshop within our Teacher Training program the myriad of ways you may live an embodied Tantric Lifestyle, and/or sign up for her weekly guidance and monthly calls! There will be weekly practices provided to love yourself and let your light shine!

Sofiah is here to support your journey in TEMPLE BODY RADIANCE!

Your Path to...
Commit to yourself and put Your Temple Body first.
Nurture Your Divine Essence.
Reveal your Unique Gifts.
Be Supported In Your Personal Journey by Like-Minded Women on a Mission to Change our Lives for the better!

Let your Infinite Potential Guide you into Embodying the
woman you were born to BE!

Beloved sister, do you know in your heart that you're here for a deeper purpose? Have you felt called to show up, be of service, awaken humanity…

but you aren’t entirely sure how?

I believe that each of us holds a unique creative spark that is just waiting to be nurtured and expressed.

For so long, I felt I was here for "big things". But I wasn't sure how to show up in my full presence and be of service. I was stuck in the pattern of questioning "who am I to speak out, use my voice, and be a leader?"

But then I realized, the longer I kept myself small, I more was doing a disservice to the world and the women like you who I am here to guide.

And I want you to realize the same stands true for you: The world NEEDS your full presence, full radiance, and uniqueness more than EVER.

There is no time to wait. Why would you?

My life transformed when I said YES and actually COMMITTED to myself, my radiance, and my uniqueness. 

For the last 20 years, I've been shaping my personal practices into a body of work aligned with what I stand for as a feminine leader: For women to know their value, feel safe in their bodies, and have embodied confidence to share their unique voices with with world. 

These personal practices have brought me to where I am now, creating the life of my dreams- one of love, purpose, and impact. 

But it wasn't always this way.

Do you ever feel like you’re...

  • Faced with imposter syndrome and giving in to your playing of small stories?
  • Allowing fear to hold you back from fully committing to yourself?
  • Comparing yourself to others instead of practicing self-love?
  • Desiring another life but not knowing how to get there?
  • Afraid to be SEEN and HEARD and that you’re not ready to fully live your mission?
  • Spending too much time trying to figure it all out in your head?

I know those feelings well because I have experienced them too,
time and time again
It’s time to let it all go, Sister.

You CAN change your current reality.

Right now, we are in A MAJOR GLOBAL SHIFT...

... and you have the opportunity to leave all that no longer serves behind so that you can live in right relationship with yourself, your body, your loved ones, while honoring and embodying the woman you were born to be.

No more saying NO to yourself.
No more silencing the deep call to serve others with your unique gifts,
and no more saying NO to the life you desire. 

Tune in to the frequency of YES!