Tantric Lifestyle


Tantric Lifestyle refers to the point on a practitioners journey where the practices start to reveal off of the mat and into everyday life.

One of the beauties and allures of Tantra to the modern mind is that it creates such a clear and powerful bridge between the mundane and the mystical, the sacred and the “profane”, our sensuality and our spirituality. As an essentially non-dualistic system Tantra seeks to unify opposites not by negating them like many more ascetic spiritual paths, but by integrating them back into the whole with the recognition that the parts make up the whole, they were never separate in the first place.

As we begin to live Tantra, to live the practices and philosophy, we have a very interesting revelation: that we are simply becoming more natural again, that as the parts of ourselves integrate into the whole of ourself, also ourself as a part of the whole begins to integrate with the whole more harmoniously. Microcosm and macrocosm transform. As we beautify from the inside so the outer realms become more beautiful. As Tantra begins to do its work on us we begin to live the principles of Dharma; generosity, wisdom, compassion, devotion, and wonder. We become more radiant, more embodied, more expansive, more clear.

Our lives transform as we release the complexity of the shackles of our obstructions. We become free, because that is what Tantra does, it sets us free!

Living Tantra  is a revelation of our place within the whole, the sacredness of the whole, and the harmony of right relationship with all that is within and without.

At Holy Love Institute you will not only receive teachings for your daily spiritual practice and classes, but you will also be mentored into how to bring these teachings practically into every aspect of your life for greater meaning, growth, beauty and divine purpose.